League Waiver


I agree to the following “Terms and Conditions” and Waivers:

By signing/acknowledging this form, I authorize the Board of Directors of the Long Beach/Orange County Surf and Sun Softball League (the League), and its representatives to contact me through email or any other form of communication provided by me. My signature is an acknowledgment that I have read and will abide by the League’s Rules of Play, and Code of Conduct.

Insurance Waiver, Player Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement Roster

I, the undersigned player, acknowledge, agree, and understand that:

1. I understand that there are certain risks and hazards involved in participating in softball that may result in injury or death to me or other players including, but not limited to those hazards associated with weather conditions, playing conditions, equipment, and other participants.

2. I understand that the very nature of the game of softball is hazardous and risky, including but not limited to, the acts of pitching, throwing, fielding, and catching the ball, running, jumping, stretching, sliding, diving, and collisions with other players or stationary objects, all of which can cause serious injury or death to me and to other players.

3. I understand that the League does not furnish any medical insurance.

4. I, freely and voluntarily, accept and assume all risks of injury suffered by me while participating in any League-sponsored activity, tournament, or game either as a player or non-playing participant.

5. I voluntarily elect to release, discharge, and agree not to sue the entities listed below, for any claim, damages, costs, or cause of action which I have or may in the future have as a result of injuries or damages sustained or incurred by me from whatever cause including but not limited to the negligence, breach of contract, or wrongful conduct of the parties is hereby released.

a. The Long Beach/Orange County Surf and Sun Softball League, its participating teams, and officers.

b. The field owners and/or the cities where the League’s games, tournaments, practices, or other activities are held.

c. The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) or Amateur Softball Association of North America (ASANA) and their owners, officers, agents, servants, associations, employees, or any person or entity connected with these organizations.

6. I understand that my likeness may appear in league photographs, brochures, and other print and/or social media outlets. I hereby consent to such use and relinquish all rights to said likeness.